Red - Les Songes

Powerful wine, with a lingering flavour, spicy with roasted, blackcurrant and blackberry notes.

Blend of Syrah, Braucol and Merlot aged in oak barrel. Good potential for ageing.

Recommended pairing with meat cooked in sauce and cheese.

13,5% of alcohol

€12.2 TTC per bottle of 75 cl for the 2013 and 2014 vintages. The other vintages are available only at the estate

€9.8 TTC per bottle of 50 cl (2012 vintage only)

Songes 2018 Two stars in Guide Hachette

Songes 2017 One star in Guide Hachette

Songes 2016 One star in Guide Hachette

Songes 2015 Gold medal Gaillac

Songes 2014 Bronze medal Gaillac 2016, one star in Guide Hachette

Songes 2013 Siver medal Wine contest of Macon 2016

Songes 2012 Rated 88/100 in the 2015 Gilbert and Gaillard Guide Book, 16.5/20 Revue vins et Terroirs Authentiques Belgium

Songes 2011 Rated 88/100 in the 2014 Gilbert and Gaillard Guide Book

Songes 2010 Bronze Medal wine contest of Gaillac / quoted in Guide Hachette;

Songes 2009 2 stars in Guide Hachette;

Magnums 2014 with wooden box: €27

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