Sparkling - wine without added sulphites

We produce a brut without added sulphites. The process is the same as for our other sparkling wines except a few details that make the difference:

- Rot is bannished from the grapes, which implies in some years a very selective work when harvesting.

- A specific attention is given to hygiene including desinfection of the equipment such as pumps, pipes and tanks before each use.

- Specific care when bottling in order to avoid possible contamination of the wine.

- Protection with carbon dioxid to avoid oxydation.

- Pitching of the juice before sedimentation with Torula yeast in order to colonize the must and avoid the development of bacteria before the beginning of the fermentation.

- Selection of yeasts that produce very few sulphites.

- Just in time process in order to reduce the risks of oxydation.

Analyses show that no sulphites have been detected

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