At Domaine Duffau the boss is Bruno ...

and the Master Chief is Anne

As a water engineer I have worked for more than 20 years in the water sector and I traveled good part of the world. I also lived in Brazil and in other countries in Africa with my family, Anne, my wife, Audrey, Simon and Yohan, our three children.

Switching from water to wine, an old idea of more than 2000 years ! In fact this project, initiated more than 10 years ago and that has been fine tuned with time, has probably started when I worked with winegrowers in the Herault Department South of France or when I visited wine-growing regions in Argentina and South Africa.

The expatriate life is certainly rich but the need to put down roots won the battle ! After the necessary time to overcome the main obstacles such as finding a farm and its funding, to train ourselves in wine-growing and wine-making technics, we eventually made our dream a reality in 2007 with the creation of Domaine Duffau made of purchased and rented vineyards.

A superb terroir, happy wine-growers and native cultivars of good quality: 3 ingredients to produce good wines out of the beaten tracks of the wine business !

So we decided to put our roots in Gaillac, adoption was straight and mutual in this small corner of Earth. The first two years the harvest was sent to the Rabastens Cooperative because of the lack of infrastructures on the estate, but with the conclusion of the winery in 2010, not less than 9 wines are produced for the first time on the estate: red, white, rosé, late harvest and sparkling wines.

Finally, this great adventure would have been much more complicated without the generous support of wine-growers neighbours and other people that have introduced myself to wine-growing, masonry, and other manual activities. I thank them warmly for their help for this ambitious project.

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