Our approach

Since the 2020 harvest the estate is certified organic but in fact we go further in many ways: The level of copper we use for the treatment of the vines is very low and is compensated by the use of homemade plant preparations. The level of sulphites in our wines is very low and we also produce wines with no sulphites detected when analysed. For this and other actions in favour of biodiversity we have been awarded a prize by the French Magazine Terre de Vins recognizing our positive impact on the environment. Another focus at Domaine Duffau is on local types of grapes that make the richness of the Gaillac area. We made experimentations on different processes both at the vineyard and in the cellar to reveal the specific features of each type of grape. As an example Loin de l’oeil is a white type of grape that gives rich wines with a long finish. At domain Duffau around two weeks before harvest the main branch that hold most of the grapes is cut, the grapes dry on the vines allowing to concentrate aromas and to keep a good acidity. Another point to mention is that harvests at Domain are manual

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Orchidée pourpre
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Plantation de haie en bordure de vigne
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Orchidées pourpres dans Loin de l’Oeil