Our Land

Our main land is made of stony and clayley-limestone hillsides with some gravel stones.

Those hillsides are classified as Gaillac's First Hills and are exposed South and South West.


Len de l'El 

The Len de l’El in local language or Loin de l’Oeil (Far from the Eye) in French is a grape variety that you can only find in Gaillac's region. It takes its name from the grape itself and its long peduncle far from the "eye" of the vine which is where the penduncle originaly grows from.  This grape variety has the caracteristic of giving a very floral and citruses taste to the wine. 
Polyvalent, the Loin de L'oeil is as well used for dry and sweet white wines.


The Mauzac is a typical kind of grape from Limoux (down south) an Gaillac. Mauzac is perfect for sparkling wines. Into dry sparkling wines it gives an apple taste, in half-dry ones it gives candied apple and pear flavors. 


The Muscadelle is a grape variety with a lot of flavor. Used as a base in our Gaillac Perlé (Gaillac's Pearly wine) it gives really complex floral flavor to the wine.
Single used into liquorous wines, it develops exotic fruits and liquorice tastes.  

White Sauvignon

The White Sauvignon comes into dry and blended white wines. 
It develops citruses and exotic fruits flavors which permits to make sharp and fruity wines. 



The Braucol, also called Fer servadoux or Mansois, is emblematic of Gaillac and Marcillac's lands and is almost not known at all outside of the South West region. This grape variety has a lot of long keeping potential especially on clayed soils. Braucol has the carateristic to give blackcurrant taste to the wine.


Duras is an ancestral and local kind of grape from Gaillac's region, it gives a really nice deep red color and a fruity flavor to the wine.
At Domaine Duffau we use the Duras into our Rosé, all of our red wines and our Red Bubbles. 


The Syrah is a grape variety really widespread in the Midi and Rhone Valley region. With the Global warming, this kind of grape tends to spread up north. 
In Gaillac, it gives really great results caracterised by its spicy flavor.


Emblematic grape of the Gaillac Primeur (Gaillac Prime Wine), it gives fruity and really soft red wines that can be drank really young.
Our Gamay is exclusivelly used in our Red Bubble production. 


Considerated as an outboard grape variety during the XIXth century, it is now the main variety of Libourne's region, it also fastly develops into the Médoc (Bordeaux's region). Used as an accessory in Gaillac's wine it gives blackberry and roundness to the wine.

The steps to make good wine !


Agriculture has the particularity to put YOU in the heart of the nature and learn you to love everything it has to give even when the weather conditions are hard ! We try to be the most respectful with the environnement as we can while working the soils and respect what nature tells us.

The Harvest

On the 15hectares that we own on the exploitation, over half of it are harvested with machines. This process permits to go way faster than doing it by hands and helps to make sure that the grapes are on their best day to collect with the greatest temperature conditions, especially when everything is done at the same time!

About hand harvest,  we usually start it around the beginning of september with the Gamay Primeur, then we continue with Mauzac to produce sparkling wines and we finish around the end of October with sweet wines
Hand harvest are a really convivial moment with good meals cooked by Anne! It is also the occasion to learn more about winemaker profession and about what you'll have in your glass and in the bottle!
Every good intention are more than welcome, if you want to live a non comparable and forever souvenirs you are at the right place!! Please contact us from our contact page.



Wine: it's the magy of transformation of all the time and the efforts putted in the vine.
Every minute spent in the vigne for cuts, treatments, harvest and the rest; the lil yeasts that hardly work, the oxygen and the temperature that we have to keep an eye on all of this is a part of the process of vinification.
We can say that it is a really minutious reciepe that gets better each year!