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A thin bubble brighten up this fruity dry white wine. Aromas of citrus fruits (lemon and grapefruit) and white flesh fruits (apple, peach)
Blend of muscadelle, sauvignon, mauzac and loin de l’oeil.
12% alcohol.

Wine and food pairing: Drink cold (10°C) together with raclette, seafood, suitable in apéritif, plain or in kir - with blackcurrant liqueur.

8,6 € per bottle of 75cl

Loin de l'Oeil

Full bodied wine with lingering flavours.
Aged in oak barrels in the Burgundy style, it is made of a local cultivar named Loin de l’Oeil. The grapes have been dried on the vines before harvest in order to keep the acidity and to concentrate the aromas.
This wine matches well with hard rind cheeses like Comté and Beaufort or with veal meat.
14 % vol

13,9 € per bottle of 75cl




Fruity dry white wine with aromas of passion fruits, grapefruit and pineapple that will nicely match with seafood or asparagus.

13 % of alcohol


8,6 € per bottle of 75cl 



 Fine and fruity wine with blackcurrant aromas typical of the braucol cultivar blend with shiraz that brings smoothness and aromas of spices and pepper.
14% of alcohol.
Match perfectly with dishes from South-West of France (duck in particular)


9,2 € per bottle of 75cl 


The Braucol is an emblematic cultivar of South West and of Gaillac in particular. When cultivated with proper conditions, e.g. with limited yields and with a good maturity of the grapes, this cultivar gives blackcurrent and other red fruits aromas.
A one year ageing in oak barrels allows for a better roundness of this wine without loosing its aromatic features. It has a good potential for ageing as indicated by another of its names, Fer Servadou, with Servadou meaning in local language Occitan "that keeps well".
It matches well with South West dishes such as "confits" and "cassoulets", and why not trying it with chocolate ! 
13% vol

14,3 € per bottle of 75cl 

Les Songes

Powerful wine, with a lingering flavour, spicy with roasted, blackcurrant and blackberry notes.

Blend of Syrah, Braucol and Merlot aged in oak barrel. Good potential for ageing.

Recommended pairing with meat cooked in sauce and cheese.

13% of alcohol

14,8 € per bottle of 75cl 

Red Bubbles

Crisp and fruity wine with aromas of red fruits (cherry, raspberry and strawberry) and by a low level of alcohol.

This wine has been made using the Ancestral Process : bubbles results from a second fermentation in bottle using the natural sugar of the grappes, hence with no added liquor. Winemaking has been done with no added sulphites and analysis have not found any.

Serve cooled with apetizers, tapas, pizzas or a chocolate dessert.

12,6 € per bottle of 75cl 

Dry and Half Dry

We produce a brut without added sulphites. The process is the same as for our other sparkling wines except a few details that make the difference:

 Rot is bannished from the grapes, which implies in some years a very selective work when harvesting.

 A specific attention is given to hygiene including desinfection of the equipment such as pumps, pipes and tanks before each use.

  •  Specific care when bottling in order to avoid possible contamination of the wine.
  •  Protection with carbon dioxid to avoid oxydation.
  •  Pitching of the juice before sedimentation with Torula yeast in order to colonize the must and avoid the development of bacteria before the beginning of the fermentation.
  •  Selection of yeasts that produce very few sulphites.
  •  Just in time process in order to reduce the risks of oxydation.
  • Analyses show that no sulphites have been detected


DRY: 14,4 € per bottle of 75cl 

HALF DRY: 12,6€ per bottle of 75cl 



The Arctic cuvée is a rosé made of Braucol and Syrah. Delightful wine with red fruits aromas, perfect with grilled meat.

12.5% vol

8,6 € per bottle of 75cl  


Or N1

"Loin de l’oeil" litteraly "far from the eye" is a specific cultivar of Gaillac that gives this delicate late harvest with aromas of citrus fruits, candied fruits such as dry apricot and quince.

Aged one year in oak barrel.

17,9 € per bottle of 75cl 

Or N2

From the muscadelle, a typical cultivar of the south west of France. Late harvest wine with trpical fruits - pineapple, mango and litchi - and muscat type aromas.

14,9 € per bottle of 75cl 

Or N3

"Loin de l’oeil" litteraly "far from the eye" is a specific cultivar of Gaillac that gives this delicate late harvest with aromas of citrus fruits, peach, candied fruits such as dry apricot and quince.

Manual harvest, aged in vat.

Serve with foie gras, blue cheese or a not too sweet dessert.

11,3 € per bottle of 75cl 


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Some pictures of our vineyard, our wine cellar and our estate


Domaine Duffau

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